Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Thank you Chad!

I've been counting my blessings the last couple of weeks, especially with Thanksgiving right around the corner. I want to take a moment to thank my husband, my best friend, my lover. I look back over the years and how our life has drastically changed and I do feel that we have embraced these changes, individually and together. I am thankful for the way Chad sees me, for the way he let's things roll off his shoulders and for his motivation to keep renovating our house!
I look back at where I could have landed and I thank my lucky stars that I landed with him. He is my home!

Monday, November 23, 2009

I am thankful for many things, but today I'm especially thankful for the musicians in the world that keep it going. Today I was given a gift of a CD, with a few of my already favorites, and a few tracks that are waiting to be on that list.
I've been anticipating 5:00 so I can listen to this disc on my way home. No interruptions, all by myself. It will be 30 fantastic minutes of music and my thoughts!

Song List
Riot Gear/Regina Spektor
Much Farther to Go/Rosie Thomas
Dusty Turnaround/Lizzie West
Down to the River to Pray/Alison Krauss
Maybe There's a World/Yusuf Islam
Tell Me True/Sarah Jarosz
Friend Like You/Joshua Radin
Nine Million Bicycles/Katie Melua
La La La/The Bird and the Bee
White Winter Hyman/Fleet Foxes
Thinking, Drinking, Sinking, Feeling/Snow Club
Holiday Road/Matt Pond PA
Wish You Well/Katie Herzig
Welcome Home/Radical Face
Flowers Never Bend with the Rainfall/Simon & Garfunkel
We'll Meet Along the Way/Hem
New Soul/Yael Naim
You and I/Ingrid Michaelson
All the Way to New York City/Rosie Thomas
The City and the Traveler/Hem