Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Love Scandanavia

A series of events have recently occured that spiked my obsession with Scandanavia. Lately I cannot get enough and find myself taking numerous virtual trips throughout the day. I started w/ dropping the Kruegers off at the airport for a trip to Norway & Sweden (back in May). Next were the movies based on the series by Stieg Larson (The Girl with the...). Now the holidays are here and I've learned that having children brings you that much closer to your heritage.

A family trip to visit our heritage is a near priority. I'd love to immerse ourselves in the simple culture and educate our children on that lifestyle.
Why not bring it home? The construction project is incomplete, but I'll be ready to revive our interiors when it is my turn. Above are just a few images that I've found. Like the images I'll go with a mix of trad and mod. Below is the Coral light fixture that I must have by David Trubridge.