Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Moomah, MooMe

I first heard of a play-cafe a couple of years ago while watching the Travel Channel. A play-cafe is a place for both adults and children. They have designated areas of supervised play while adults can escape, under the same roof. Often times it's a coffee bar, tea room or cafe.

The Travel Channel was featuring a place in San Francisco, which when featured was called Tumble & Tea, but has recently been changed to Sadie Days Cafe:

I immediately started researching local play cafes and came across nothing. I had ideas and visions in my head, but did not pursue anything as I was heading my career at, which is where I thought I wanted to be. After weeks, maybe even days, of the cube farm I suffered. I felt like a robot, I felt less than individual, I felt lifeless. I did find time and a bit of motivation to research owning a small business, but didn't have the funds to back it up.

To preface, I was given the gift of Cookies magazine when I was expecting the twins. I fell in love with this magazine b/c it was everything I wanted. To be a young, dedicated, creative Mom with a sense of taste and style. Unfortunately the magazine folded due to the crashing economy and the last subscription would be out in November 2009. My subscription was up in October and I spaced buying a copy from the newsstand. In January of 2010 I came across a copy of the last issue in my Doctor's office (waiting to be examined for baby #3). I secretly placed the copy under my left arm and departed the building, feeling like a child at Christmas time.

There on the counter sat my prize possession for days as it's hard to find some free time in between working and running a household. The night before I read the issue we fell asleep to Jon Stewart on the Daily Show (entertaining for both Chad and I). One of the featured working Moms was Tracey Stewart, who is married to Jon. First I was intrigued by the coincidence and secondly I was intrigued by the content. Tracey recently opened a play-cafe in Tribeca called MooMah: The space was breath-taking, the activities were amusing and the menu looked delicious, as well as family friendly. Exactly how I had pictured my own Play-Cafe!

Minneapolis is consistently ranked one of the top cities to raise a family. The city is full of young, vibrant families that yearn for outings any time of the year, especially during those winter months that tend to be long and dreary. If there was a place like this in my neighborhood I would be sure to visit it frequently.

I am trying to convince myself that I could run a small business, along with a young family of 3 boys under the age of 18 months.

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  1. Becky! You have a blog! It's so lovely. I love this family cafe thing. What a cool place. I could see you in a place like that, for sure! xoxo