Thursday, June 24, 2010

Wintours + Coddington

The other night I lost myself in "The September Issue." I was inspired by the two middle-aged women who were found at the peak of their careers. Anna Wintours, the editor-in-chief, and Grace Coddington, the creative director, are in head-over-heels fashion. They power Vogue. They are amazing and in my eyes, equally powerful. The two have climbed together for 20+ years. They are married to each other and to their tremendous jobs.

I couldn't help thinking about my dearest friend Andi. The two of us are so similar to Wintours and Coddington, except one of us is a little more career driven and could easily be the editor of such a high profile magazine.. I am as inspired by Andi as I am by The Editor. Andi is the most amazing woman that I know. She can juggle it all, and with immense grace. I aspire to be like her: intelligent, smart, fashionable, caring and genuine!

We have always had the dream of working together. In fact, we did work together when we were just teens. That is how we met. She was a bar-tender (she ran the show) and I was the waitress. Some day, we'll have the opportunity of having fun together at work. It'll happen...we've shared this dream for 12 years. The timing hasn't ever been right, but when it's right there will be a documentary on us and how we compare to Wintours + Coddington.

If it were the two of us sitting there at Fashion Week you might see another resemblance to the dynamic duo. Andi is polished, accesorized and always has great hair. Then there's me....the red head.

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