Friday, December 7, 2012

Tres Amigos

We did it in typical fashion.  Cutting red fabric, gluing sequins on sombreros and creating gigantic belt buckles from tin foil on the very Eve of Halloween.  We lost hope the weekend before Halloween wondering where we could find felt sombreros for three boys that would not cost us $45 to ship.  Then our craftiness kicked in.  We hit Goodwill, ARC and Once Upon a Child.  We left with 3 pair of dress pants, three button-down white shirts and 3 straw sombreros.  Our last stop was JoAnne fabric to find embellishments and red fabric for some very handsome cummerbunds and ties.  I waited in line, along w/ the rest of the procrastinators while Chad entertained the soon-to-be three amigos in our wagon.  The process was exhilarating and the outcome was really fun.
The photo is inspiration for our Christmas card.  The ideas are manifesting, but I know we'll be cutting paper for our homemade cards on Christmas Eve. 

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